Learning Lab @ GWF 

Welcome to a new way of doing work!  All catalysts and participants of the Lausanne GWF 2019 are welcome to utilize the resources on this site. 


This is serving as the temporary home page for the Open Resource Library.

We appreciate your patience while we load the library with resources for your use.


As catalysts + co-creators attending the Learning Lab in Manila, we wanted to answer top questions.

If you didn’t have your question answered here, please contact us or request to join our Slack Channel we have set up just for this event.

As a Catalyst can I do both a seminar + a lab?

Yes. You’ll have to manage your time and expectations carefully, but this can be done. We recommend you take a hard look at your schedule to manage what you need to do while at the Forum. 

As a Co-creator can I attend seminars + lab time?

Yes. We have designed the Learning Lab in a way for you to optimize your engagement at the Forum. 

How much time can we spend in the Learning Lab?

You may schedule your time for both afternoons or partial afternoons. We only ask that you attend the Orientation and spend a minimum of 2 hours in the Lab. 

How do we manage our schedules?

Take a good look at the scheduled seminars, regional meetings and networking events to make sure you are able to dedicate time to the Lab and collaborating to meet your needs.

How will we facilitate our lab sessions?

We will work with you to get started. Please make sure to attend the Orientation and stay on top of communication. We suggest each team working on an issue or through an exercise stay to about 6 in total. A list of resources and suggest steps will be provided. You will also find our Coaches ready to assist and guide you as well.

How do we use this resource site?

This is an open resource and you can find the appropriate creative commons license at the bottom of each exercise, practice or tool. Generally, the resources are bound under an CC-SA-4.0 International. You are welcome to use any of the posted resources for you use at any time as long as this site is active.

Start your journey

Ready to build your journey for the Learning Lab in Manila?

Below we have listed the next steps to take for preparation of the Lab experience.  To optimize your experience, we recommend you come to Manila with one main goal, or outcome of the Forum, so that we can build solutions to your challenges. 

Getting started

As a Catalyst, there are a few things to do in advance of joining the Learning Lab in Manila. If you find you have a question or are stuck on identifying your challenge -or goal – please contact us.

Don’t forget to review the Lab overview video posted above.

Identify your goal

Use the “mini” discovery session to get started. Or, you can start with the toughest challenge you have been facing that has been difficult to find a solution for – this is where we can help!

Run a brief discovery session

Bring your team through a “perfect world” scenario to identify your future state. Imagine what that future is in 12 months or 12 years from now and use this as your starting point.

Will you create or innovate?

We will run two suggested resource tracks in the lab which you will follow based on how you identify.  Are you in an idea stage or early formed solution? Or, are you needing to innovate on a current solution and get assistance and feedback to revamp.

Plan + schedule your onsite time

Review your Forum schedule and make sure you allow a 2-hour block of time in the lab as a minimum.  We understand there are many meet-ups and seminars taking place so we recommend you plan ahead.

Ready to change the way your teams work?

Let us build your innovative, learning lab to spark creative solution building.

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