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The Global Workplace Forum may be over onsite, but our connections with collaborators do not end.

Be on the lookout for the official GWF Learning Lab Toolkit in your inbox and Connector from Lausanne. 


How to use this page

Ready to engage in building global solutions?

As a participant in the Lausanne Global Workplace Forum, there are ways to engage in the Learning Lab.

Join our Slack channel for use during the event.

Offer your professional skills and time towards an issue.

Come to a scheduled lab and collaborate.

Meet up with other collaborators while onsite to forge long-term relationships.

Scroll down the page for more in-depth information.

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For those interested in attending the Learning Lab in Manila, we wanted to answer top questions.

If you didn’t have your question answered here, please contact us or join our Slack Channel we have set up just for this event.

What is the difference between a seminar and a lab?

Seminars are “talks” and presentations about key issues and insightful solutions. The labs that are scheduled are active problem-solving sessions done through a collaborative effort with key exercises.

Can I attend seminars + lab time?

Yes. We have designed the Learning Lab in a way for you to optimize your engagement at the Forum. Please understand that we have space limitations so engage early!

How much time can we spend in the Learning Lab?

The catalysts have scheduled labs that generally are 2-hours in length and offer multiple sessions on both Thursday and Friday. As a participant, you can come to work on solutions as often as you want providing we have the capacity in the room at that time.

What social media information is there?

Please post along with us on this journey! If you have a quote, image, or comment you want to share, please use the #GWFLab so we can track it and share on this page!

You may also choose to tag @jenkelchner @LabsbyLDR21 @lcwe for any social channels of your choosing.

What and Who is the Slack channel for?

We established a collaborative workspace through Slack to support the learning lab work. You can join Slack with the provided link at the top of this page.  Once you join, you may add yourself to dedicated lab channels and build relationships there. This channel will be active for the GWF only and will be migrated to a new location post-event.

What is the "live" schedule?

We opted to provide you with an open Google Sheet to view all Lab information in as close to “real-time” as possible.  The sheet will show you all the labs taking place, their location in the lab, who is seeking help and who is offering help.

How do we use this resource site?

This is an open resource and you can find the appropriate creative commons license at the bottom of each exercise, practice or tool. Generally, the resources are bound under an CC-SA-4.0 International. You are welcome to use any of the posted resources for you use at any time as long as this site is active.

Where can I find the Virtual Cafe presentation?

You can view the Virtual Cafe session here.

What You Need To Know

Plan your onsite time

Check our active and updated “live schedule” to plan which labs and issues you would like to collaborate on.

Grab your lunch and come learn

Jen Kelchner will be offering a “lunch and learn” session for Q&A on Thursday and Friday at 12:15-12:45.

Have a topic for the Q&A?  Add it to the #lunch-qa channel on Slack!

Open Consulting

Jen Kelchner will be offering an open session for leadership & organizational consulting advice on Thursday and Friday at 16:45-17:30. 

Learn more about Jen

The Hot Spot

As you step off the lift to the 6th Floor, you’ll be greeted by our Lab Team. You can gain information about the ongoing labs, the issue networks and topics being worked on, how you can plug in and collaborate, and where to list your professional skills for contribution.

Pitch Panel

Please reserve your time for your 60-second pitch and get expert business advice from our expert judges! Open to Lab Leaders only.

Thursday and Friday15:15-15:45 & 16:45-17:15

Ask for collaborators

For lab leaders, use the #seekingskills channel in Slack to post your needs.

Visit our Hot Spot right off the lift on the 6th Floor and add to the #seekingskills whiteboard!

View the updates on our “live schedule” to source new collaborators.

Offer your skills

Join our dedicated Slack workspace and add your information to the #offermyskills channel.

Visit our Hot Spot right off the lift on the 6th Floor and add to the #offermyskills whiteboard!

View the updates on our “live schedule” to find lab leaders who are seeking collaborators.

Interested in doing a podcast episode or case study?

Would you be interested in recording a podcast episode with Jen Kelchner while onsite?

How about potentially doing a case study on the lab experience?

Contact Jen via WhatsApp or Slack!!

To learn more about how Open Principles can be operationalized in your organization, teams or communities, we recommend the following from the opensource.com community.  

Open Organization Tools

To learn more about open principles and how they look “in action” you can go to the following:

Open Organization Definition

Open Organization Maturity Model

The Open Decision Framework

Creative Commons License Use

Learn about the various open licenses you can use in your own work and how you can use the resources on this page in articles, presentations or your own work.

Other Resources We Love

Open Practice Library

For those engineering technology solutions, the Open Practice Library from the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs may yield promising results for you!

Visit the Open Practice Library

Liberating Structures

Build inclusivity and get better results!

Liberating Structures App is on iOS and Android will a robust library of collaborative exercises to fit your needs. They also use a Creative Commons license to keep things open.

Visit their website

Download iOS App | Download Android App

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