Finding your empathic opportunity through applied empathy

Please note the source for this information is from Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership by Michael Ventura.

In the book, Applied Empathy, author Michael Ventura walks us through how he has used empathy to build better relationships throughout an ecosystem and to become a more empowered, impactful leader.

We've curated questions posed in the book to get your empathy journey started!


How to use this exercise for facilitated thinking and solution design

  • Using a whiteboard draw a venn diagram to show a section for "consumer", "company", and "context"
  • Facilitate thinking with the applied empathy questions to get your team started
  • Place answers on post-it notes on your large venn diagram
  • Connect the common connections to discover your empathic opportunity
  • Answers given may include things such as: conversations, behaviors, relationships or memories


The actors of an Empathy Venn:


This is your company - or organization. These are questions that examine your inner workings. 


These are your varioius audiences relevant to the company who consume information about the company. These are the audiences with whom you need to build an empathetic connection. 


Contextual perspective takes into account the ecosystem surrounding the company. Look with a wider and more inclusive view.

Empathic Opportunity

This is the discovery of connection at the central overlap of the venn. This is where experiences, values, behaviors and aligned culture can arise. This is the area from which to build your solutions and approaches. 


Questions Checklist

For license and use information:

Source: Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership, Michael Ventura, 2018

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