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What is process mapping?

Process mapping is a tool used in business to identify bottlenecks in workflow and to increase performance, productivity, and efficiency.


Why use this tool for mindset shifts?

The basic principle of process mapping is to have the ability to see a larger picture while also reviewing the detailed steps taken to achieve an end goal.

It will uncover where your blocks are in your flow.

It will allow you to re-route your flow to increase your results and make your life easier.


Let’s do a stripped down version of Business Process Mapping:


    • Make a list (step-by-step) of your flow; think of this like writing a recipe to your favorite dish.


    • Review your flow; look for steps that are redundant; look for unnecessary steps; look for steps that are causing you excess time, energy or money

Best Practices

    • Identify what you are doing well and replicate; use these items as your measuring stick for areas in your flow that are clogged


    • Now create your new flow; eliminate the redundant steps; re-route your flow for clogged areas

You can continue to refine your steps until you are satisfied with the adjustments


Step One

Use a whiteboard or large sheet of paper to conduct this exercise.  You can also use flowchart software on a computer.

Write down the steps you take (no matter how small) for the flow you are trying to fix or review

Connect these steps with arrows for the direction of flow. If you have a step that causes you to go back to another, show a separate redirect arrow.

Use a stop sign, triangle or hexagon to show a question or “if” that would redirect your flow based on the “yes” or “no”.

Step Two

Review your map

Identify your blocks – if you have too many re-routes or decision blocks take a look at why.

Are your steps unnecessary? Redundant?

Step Three

Create a new flow by adjusting steps, re-routing or eliminating redundant or unnecessary steps.

Begin to test your new flow. It will likely require adjustments as you go.

Use this tool when stuck, addressing a problem, or when wanting to create efficiency in your life to increase your output.

Your output can be your happy, more sales, less stress, more family time……

© 2013 Jen Kelchner

CC-BY-SA 4.0 International

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