More than 80% of what you know is not on and/or in your resume.

We have been taught to believe that our value and the potential worth of our contribution is solely tied to work and/or skills we have been “paid for” – “paid for” as in employed and compensated monetarily.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The majority of your skills are learned through activities and life lessons, yet we have been conditioned to overlook these as not having the same weight (or value) as skills learned through formal education and employment history.

From your earliest memories, your surroundings and experience began to shape your skills and your belief systems about the world around you.  If you use this exercise to help identify the obstacles and challenges you overcame in life, you can then map those to workplace and leadership skills which are highly sought after and valued in the business world. 

Perhaps you will uncover the rich set of offerings you already have at your disposal by taking a new perspective through this approach.





  1. Compile the 3 separate lists to see your Rich Toolbox.
  2. Leverage your life experience because it is rich and tangible.
  3. Your value is not what is on a resume, title or role you have played.
  4. If you have experienced it, survived it, overcome it – this is a massive tool for you to use in reaching the world.
  5. Your story (your life experience) is the value that the world needs.


© 2015 Jen Kelchner

CC-BY-SA 4.0 International

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